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Fake Britain? An overpopulated little island with 65+ million legal inhabitants – rising fast. Not to forget large numbers of sheep, cows, pigs, chickens, badgers and so forth. It has a medieval political system: house of lords with around 36 seats reserved for bishops, the rest being for ‘lords’, and a house of commons made up of ‘not lords’. It has a medieval monarchy, which distributes medieval titles like lord, lady, sir. And even a 19th century ‘Victorian’ social system, where people doff invisible caps to their ‘betters’.  The Great British Grovel in other words…

Time has moved on… But Fake Britain has not.  The inhabitants carry on as if the past is still there. The senile half dead Duke totters beside his half dead senile Queen, with the forgettable next in line crawling behind, saying ‘mummy, mummy, when can I be king’… No one boos, no one throws an egg, tells them to disappear to the dead past they come from…

It’s a fake country, repeating the dead past, as if it was the present-future…

And almost no one says a word!!!








Is Australia a fake country, with a fake history, fake national history? The ANZAC affair.  Some half wits decide, mostly out of boredom, to join the British in the Euro war a century ago.  End up being shot at, like everyone else.  The cultural poverty of the newly fake nation is overwhelming. The fiasco’s turned into a national forces day aka as ANZAC Day. Yet, the government had to bring in conscription, once the realities of the war were known.  And those disabled by the war were dumped, forgotten.

And the beat goes on…

From being a colony of Britain, to a colony of the US, then a colony of China…

Will the story of the fake nation end there?


Greetings! Un-greetings! This new year is the start of a new world of wonder!  Not only am I fake, which I’ve known for years, but everything else (apparently) is becoming increasingly fake too. This is very reassuring.

Last night I watched the official government news in Adelaide, South Australia, an increasingly fake town, in an increasingly fake country.  Beyond the usual government certified reports, there was an excellent piece of fake news : a long winded slot about real mentally incapacitated individuals, at a real shooting range, shooting real fake handguns. The aim of the segment was (apparently) to promote the fake idea that the mentally incapacitated are the same as the rest of us. Fake news!

If I’d been born with half a brain, or through disease or ill fortune ended up with one, I would hope to be given a nice peaceful injection, as per a damaged pet. In this fake enlightened era, poor unfortunates are kept alive, in perpetuum, for the financial benefit of care homes, hospitals, medical staff, superstition-ites (aka as religious wankers) and so on, generally at the tax payers expense.

Fake Mark @ myfakenews